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First called customer service and left a call back number. After 2 hours, called them again and this time decided to wait (recording said 30 minutes). I waited over 1 hour and no one answered. Taking the next step, I visited their website and started a chat with Diane. I explained that I had storm doors professionally installed approx. 6 months earlier. I removed the screen door and tried replacing it with glass however, the glass frame... Read more

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We purchased this door from Lowes and had been happy with it, but I was washing the door from the outside gently and the part that retracts came crashing down? It didn't break but the screen is no longer attached and I can't even put the storm(glass) in and lock it so I don't have half a door with an open window. Please help but is their a way to fix this or am I going to have to buy another at over $200.00. Anyone else have any issues with... Read more

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Bought two doors, one right after another, the screens weren't attached. The one side on the 1st purchase, the screen was cut too short and wasn't attached, the 2nd time neither side was attached, but at least the screen wasn't cut short. Needless to say, I thought maybe this is how they sold screen doors now, where you buy from the manufacturer and have to finish it, but I paid too much money for that. When you have no Quality control, you... Read more

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I bought the Larson Escape retractable screen door at Menards. This screen door has insufficient tension to pull the screen back in when you try to open the door. When you try to open the screen (by allowing it to retract) the screen hangs and bunches up, an comes out of the track. There is not enough tension to properly retract the screen. There is no way to adjust the tension. The instruction do not address this issue. The door not... Read more

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I read many of the complaints filed against Larson and their products. I have been in the business for many years and I sell Larson and 3 other storm door lines. Every company will have some type of issue. It is my experience that 95% of the issues with any storm door company is the person(s) installing the product. There are also many complaints about the customer service. The customer service starts from the people that you bought the... Read more

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We bought two security storm doors for our new home. We bought a half window, stainless screen, triple latch point, security storm door (which is a heavy door) for my back door entrance. It did not have a spring loaded wind catch as provided with so many other doors sold today. A good wind came up one day, and my door went wild, bending the piston closer and hinge frame. What an oversight by the manufacturer! I am a disappointed customer for... Read more

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Worst home purchase ever. Wenpurchased the door about six months ago and have had nothing but problems. Glass is always falling out along with the mechanism on the top of the screen door not even being a whole part just a small screw do not buy this product as this is horrible

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We recently purchased two Larson storm doors for our residence and have never been so disappointed in product quality for the money spent. The door pulled apart before the installer even finished putting it in not only leaving serious doubt about any chance of lasting any time at all but also leaving the glue from the section that pulled apart all over the door where it showed. We paid good money for a product we could trust on the front door... Read more

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Bought one of Larson's doors three years ago and it hasn't worked right since day one! Company is giving me the run a round!

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Larson subtracts an inch from the frame and wants you to use extenders to make it fit. It looks like *** and does not fit. There is no where on there website that they tell you that they will subtract an inch and give you extenders. When I call the company it was lip service and no resolution of the problem. Even their sales people who ordered the door did not know that this was the case. So two problems happened in us order a door, Larson... Read more

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