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Bought one of Larson's doors three years ago and it hasn't worked right since day one! Company is giving me the run a round!

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Larson subtracts an inch from the frame and wants you to use extenders to make it fit. It looks like *** and does not fit. There is no where on there website that they tell you that they will subtract an inch and give you extenders. When I call the company it was lip service and no resolution of the problem. Even their sales people who ordered the door did not know that this was the case. So two problems happened in us order a door, Larson... Read more

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We have 2 Secure Elegance Storm Doors 1 front and 1 back They were installed late 2006 early 2007. I really like them. I'm security aware and feel pretty confident having these storm doors. We have had a few issues with the latch usually only 1 of the 3 sticking in either an open or closed position, making closing the door impossible. What I do is use a product called "Graphite Lube" and Lock-Ease (graphite lock Fluid). I originally purchased... Read more

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The face of my old door was made of two sections. Rain would seep in where they seamed the two pieces together and cause a cancer (rot) to form at the seam. So I go to Lowes looking for a door that has no seams on the exterior panel. on display is a Larson West Point model 353934 with no seams on the exterior side but with seams on the interior side, which is okay. The Lowes clerk pulls out the box with matching numbers and loads it for me. I... Read more

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Larson Doors - Broken   glass in Tradewinds
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Bought Tradewinds sreen away been trying to get directions top glass got broke have new panel ordered tried get someone on phone is a joke need to take old panel out without damaging door trim tried finding answers on line had to go to Lowe's to order panel didn't see any place on line to order hope I can get replaced with no problem have only had door sense 2014 I think there should be better warranty like have for new windows... Read more

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So, we've owned our Larson storm door for about 3 years. We've gone through 3 sets of handles for our Larson storm door. The inside breaks after about 12-18 months and they want to charge you another $30 to send you new pieces, plus shipping cost. I would highly recommend not purchasing a Larson storm door. The inside of the mechanism breaks, not allowing it to catch on the inside of the handle. We've gone through this three separate times,... Read more

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Door was defective. Sent me replacemt parts. Parts were impossible to install. The company could not recommend someone to come and fix the door. So far we have been unable to remove the top pane as was necessary, and replace it with the new pane that was sent. We were told we would simply have to do it ourselves with the instructions. My husband and I found the instruction inadequate. Both closers on the door were defective. We will not... Read more

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Purchased Larson Security Elegant door on May 2015 from Lowes. First problem encountered were mount screws were too short to support the weight of the door. Called Home Depot and since the installation warranty was in effect they fixed it. Then last week (July 2016), the door's topside unlocks but not the bottom part. Called Lowes and they said the installation warranty had expired. So they gave Larsons 1-800 number. That number is a joke. ... Read more

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We bought a Larson storm door from Lowe's, one hot summer passed, this summer the plastic guides that framed the glass of storm door had deformed, it should not, created an abnormal looking door. I called the customer service, after verified the door serial number, they've sent us a new plastic guide kit in few days. We are very please with Larson storm door! not just the best quality and good looking door, the service that Larson provided... Read more

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Larson strom door is difficult to open.God forbid there's a fire. I may not make it out. Warranty service sucks. Larson doesn't stand by there words.

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