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The lock and latch system on the Larson Security Storm door is contrary to safe opening panic latches.

I had a Larson Security Storm door installed in September, 2015. The door was examined and purchased from Lowe’s. I was y impressed when the salesman showed me that the door could be locked by raising the handle, engaging two latches on the vertical edge of the door which went into the door jamb, securing the door. You merely needed to lower the handle and open the door to disengage.

However, upon installation, I found that the handle inside is connected directly to the handle outside. Therefore the “locked’ door can be opened from the outside. To securely lock the door, you must lift the handle then engage the small deadbolt below the handle. Then neither the interior nor the exterior handle will open the door.

This is a dangerous arrangement in a panic situation. Panic handles, which should be installed in any household containing children and the elderly should be of the type to release all locking mechanisms from the inside with the “opening” motion of one handle. (Think motel room deadbolt/handle style lock)

I worked in a field where deadbolts and key type deadbolts were known to cause deaths in fires, or any situation in which an individual attempts to exit through a deadbolt style locked door.

What makes this door much more dangerous in my opinion is the fact the deadbolt is so small and engineered too close to the jam when properly installed. (see photo)

I contacted Larson and spoke with a supervisor there. She advised I should have inspected the door more closely before buying it. Attempting to have her understand the gravity of the engineering design of the door, her suggestion was to modify or remove portions of the jamb which would allow better access to the deadbolt.

I am disappointed in the 21st century a manufacturer apparently has so little consideration for safety in their design.

This reviewer shared experience about "poorly engineered" and wants this business to "re-engineer the lock mechanism to safely allow exit in panic situation". edfedmm is overall dissatisfied with Larson Doors and uploaded picture s. The most disappointing about larson storm door at Larson Doors was attitude towards a safety flaw Reviewer wants customer support to reach our to him or her ASAP for further discussion of this matter.

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I agree with the company. You should have looked at it closer before buying it.

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