We purchased a new Larson Storm door this summer from Menards. It was a special order door.

Everything was fine until it got cold out. The glass frosts up and gets ice on it. Then if it warms up, the ice melts and freezes back to the door. The other night, it got stuck up at the top of the door - the ice had sealed it closed.

I had to open the regular door to get some heat on it to defrost it a bit so I could use it. This thing is WORTHLESS for use in Minnesota. Our old door was an old steel Larson door, and it never did this. The new one is made of some sort of plastic.

Depending on the outside temperature it can get a bit better - but if the temp is in the 20's or below - it is totally no good. The pictures I'm submitting are of the Ice build up on the bottom of the door - it has a brass kick plate. My husband called Larson - they said it was due to "condensation". The house is dry as a bone with the heat on (we don't use a humidifier in winter).

In addition to saying that it's condensation, they guy said that "they all do that". So, what is the purpose of a screen/storm door?? Other than to keep out bugs in the summer - and if that's the case, why not just buy a cheapie screen door?

I don't get any build up on my regular door or it's window.

Product or Service Mentioned: Larson Doors Door.

Monetary Loss: $350.

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same here with my Larson door in western nc; not quite as cold as yours area but man this Larson door is worthless; but mine is solid at bottom and window at top; air comes in where the window stops; tried to put a strip of rubber insulation in it but the insulation almost fell to the bottom of door; I think a lot of stores like lowes where I purchased mine ----big mistake--- do not install the doors and I think big box stores sell doors that are old or are seconds; Larson told me the same thing condensation----bull; my Larson door is aluminum I have always had Larson doors I have never seen a vinyl Larson; does it have a metal strip on the side which has the model number and serial number if not, it may not be Larson; I would not use anything on the glass; you know the Larson door does have a warranty; hope you find help; ss


Your jambs shrink in the winter allowing heat to escape. The storm door is doing its job by holding the heat in.

Unfortunately it is single pane glass so that is why you can get condensation or ice build up.

Your two options are to re-weatherstrip around your entry in the winter since your jambs shrunk or open the screen on the storm door. Either way storm doors do a better job insulating the opening than they did in the past.

Three Rivers, Michigan, United States #1258303

Bought storm door for me at my house, love the glass/ screen function, but it is not insulated well and difficult to clean. Bought the same door for my mom and after 1 year, the cold weather caused it to shatter and break when she opened her primary door.

Would not honor warranty. This should not happen on storm doors. They are simply not designed for northern climates.

Bought at menards. I will be contacting them next.

South Lyon, Michigan, United States #1081024

Same problem


I am from winston salem nc also have three storm doors..the high security type...(first of all..they come with the most minimal, worthless weather stripping that you would imagine...just go to lowes or homedepot and see the truth yourself) they are so horribly cold...I had to put my own weather stipping on it this year 2015 to try to see if it helps...I have had them two winters and they let so much cold in , in the winter..that it is discusting because I paid so much for them....hopefully their claims that the door glass can't be broken is more reliable than the door for keeping cold out..my mudroom was warmer before with an old storm door that had no name on it ! ..lol.. funny and sad..but true..


They do not stand behind their warranty. Our door busted open after only two years.

Both doors we had before did the same thing. They want us to pay $30 to get a new core no windows no nothing but the core. The whole door though very expensive is not worth $30. LARSON sucks!

Their doors do NOT hold up to the out doors.

They need to quit calling them storm doors and call them *** doors. :( :cry Reply


If your door is frosting up when your primary door is closed, your prime door weatherstripping should be replaced. The warm air inside the house is escaping around your prime door and reacting to the cold temp.

Of the glass surface. No different than taking a coke can out of the fridge. Give it a few minutes and the can will have moisture on it. Do you think the can is defective??

These storm doors do not have insulated glass , they will not perform like product that has insulated glass in them. Learn about the product before you start blasting.

to Doorman Minneapolis, Minnesota, United States #1072609

I also had a larson core filled door and it did the same thing.This is the second one I bought because I thought the first door was junk.I was wrong they are both junk.As for the theory about weather stripping on primary door that may be true In some cases. My entire entry has been replaced and reframed and that was not the answer.I put in a old school lead filled glass and metal lower panel door and problem resolved.New products out today are not that good.Look at double pain thermal windows.I can guarentee that your hearing a lot more noise from the outside.

to Doorman #1094078

I have a new primary door and a new storm door both are Larson doors and my storm door has ice on it only on the bottom readjust it and still have ice they were installed in November 2015 help fix this problem

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